Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.


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Tributosaurus Becomes Sting

Martyrs', 3855 N. Lincoln, Chicago, IL 60613


$20 Age limit: 21+

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Tributosaurus Becomes Sting

Wire, 6815 W. Roosevelt Road, Berwyn, Illinois, US


$20/$50 VIP Age limit: 21+ or w/adult

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The Solo Work of Sting in May 

We’ve become his band before, with their iconic new wave sound that dominated the radio from 1977 to 1983.
Now it’s on to the man himself, whose career continues to this day.

Come to Martyrs Wednesday May 6th and Wire Friday May 8th, as Tributosaurus becomes Sting.

The end of The Police was the beginning of a solo career that has had a huge impact.  Immediately, Sting brought some of the world’s best jazz musicians into his world, creating a truly unique hybrid brand of pop.  His incredible band never dumbed down the musicality, while the songwriting remained accessible.     

1985’s The Dream of The Blue Turtles went triple platinum; 1987’s Nothing Like The Sun went double platinum.  These records are burned into our musical consciousness, and we’ll draw heavily from them.  You’ll hear introspective songs from The Soul Cages, and upbeat compositions from Ten Summoner’s Tales, the latter of which also went triple platinum and garnered piles of Grammy awards.  
The songs are so well constructed, and the musicianship will challenge us to be at our best.

The body of work is staggering; the artistry is daunting.  This challenge is going to be great fun.  Our sets will not be as long as the tantric sessions the man is known for, but almost.

Come pay homage to Gordon Sumner with us, as Tributosaurus becomes Sting.  
Leave your last name at home.

Tributosaurus Becomes Sting

Wednesday, May 6th at Martyrs'
3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613
Tix Available at:

Friday, May 8th at Wire
6815 W. Roosevelt Rd - Berwyn, IL - 60402
Tix Available at:

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