Tributosaurus is the Jurassic beast of multiple musical faces, and every month, the beast morphs into a different rock group. The finest musicians from Chicagoland join the core group to sit in…to sing and play songs they’ve wanted to cover all their lives.


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Finally! AC/DC in June! 

The most frequent question we get is "Aren't you running out of bands to do?"

A silly question on the face of it - there are hundreds of bands that we have not done, even with as many as we've tackled to this point, but this month we take on a glaring omission in our catalog: AC/DC.

This Australian monster is one of the greatest rock bands of ALL TIME.  Driving beats, heavy guitar, and screaming vocals highlight songs that are in your face from start to finish.  These songs are guaranteed to make you dust off your air guitar and jam, no matter who you are - it's just not possible to sit still and listen to an AC/DC song.  From the early days of High Voltage, through Back and Black and beyond, we will put on our short pants and bring the rock to you.  We'll tackle all the anthems, all the rockers, and everything in between in a show that will make your head bang and your hands go up in the air.

This is a band that went through a lot of changes since their start back in 1973, but always seemed to bounce back stronger than ever.  In 2003, they were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and they have not slowed down even now.  So whether you love the growling vocal of TNT, or the soaring vocal of Hells Bells, the edgy guitar of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, or the blistering start to Thunderstruck, you'll find it all here.  This is a show that is guaranteed to get your heart racing and put a smile on your face.  

So put on your black T Shirt, get your blood pumping, and come and join us!

Tributosaurus Becomes AC/DC

Wednesday, June 1st at Martyrs' - 7PM Show

3855 N. Lincoln Ave - Chicago - 60613 
Tix Available at:

Friday, June 3 at Wire - 9PM Show
6815 W. Roosevelt Rd - Berwyn, IL - 60402 
Tix Available at:

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